Fuengirola is well known for its International Fair and its more traditional Fair in October each year. However, there are other events and festivals Fuengirola has to offer. Below is a selection of them.


International Feria de los Pueblos– Every year the town of Fuengirola gets together to celebrate its diverse international community. In the Recinto Ferial alongside the river between Fuengirola and Los Boliches you can sample cultures from around the world.

The countries represented at the week long celebration provide you with a small taste of what that country has to offer by way of traditional custome, food, music and dancing.

A fantastic celebration and very poupular with residents and tourists and well worth visiting.

Easter week

Semana Santa – A week long celebration throughout Spain of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The celebrations are of great importance to the people here in Fuengirola and thousands will line the streets to watch the solemn parades of huge effigies through the streets. The effigies are born by men on their shoulders as they make there way through the town of Fuengirola. Even if you are not religious the sheer sight of so many people watching and the co-ordination required to carry the effigies makes it an interesting spectacle.


24th June San Juan – An enormous celebration on the beaches all along the coast. This is one day you can have a bbq on the beach as the beach will be full of families eating and drinking and as far as you can see you will be fires up and down the beach. Held at the end of June people will jump over the fires to cleanse their sins and wash their feet in the sea at midnight. It is a great excuse to get together with friends and family and have a party.


16th July Nuestra Senora Maria del Carmen – During the middle of July the protector of fisherman is paraded through the streets of Fuengirola and los Boliches, carried shoulder high by a band of strong well co-ordiated men walking one behind the other in two columns holding the statue above them. The route ends near the Stella Maris hotel where the virgen is then walked out into the sea itself. Shortly afterwards there is a huge, free and sepctacular firework display on the beach.

Beer festival in Sohail Castle is an annual event which includes, music, entertainment, food stalls and of course beer. Not quite like beer festivals in the UK where you get to try many different kinds of beer and ales but an entertaining evening nonetheless.


6 to 12 October Fuengirola Feria – Starting with a firework display this week long festival is something you should at least visit once in your stay. You will find there is a fun fair at the entrance to the Recinto ferial in Fuengirola and once you have passed through the noise of excited children, recorded music and screaming thrill seekers you will come across a street of ‘casetas’. Here is where you will find whole families in traditional dress eating, drinking and dancing and generally having a thoroughlly good time. Throughout the week you will see an abundance of horse riders and horses and carts highly polished and driven around town. The riders in traditional dress make a great site and photo opportunity. Parking is terrible in this part of Fuengirola at this tiome so walk or get a taxi.

Fuengirola also has a great live music scene.

For more events and festivals Fuengirola has to offer please refer to our ‘What’s On’ section which is updated regularly or use the search facility at the top of the page.