Through out the year there is an extensive range of events and festivals Mijas provides for both residents and toursits to enjoy. Below is a selection of some of the more popular items.


The village of Mijas celebrates along with the rest of Spain with popular processions organised by the brotherhoods over hundreds of years. Beginning on Ash Wednesday the first parade starts from the chapel of Nuestra Senora Our Lady de Los Remedios. There are five parades throughout the week where hundreds of individuals proudly carry their large and heavy effigies shoulder to shoulder through the streets of Mijas.


In the coastal part of the district of Mijas at La Cala de Mijas and at the beginning of May you can enjoy free sardines and a drink. A big pit is dug in the sand and a large barbecue is built which the sardines are cooked over.

The traditional pilgrimage to Esparragal Park in ox carts, chariots and horse and carts takes place at the end of May. Starting in las Lagunas and crossing the Fuengirola river until their reach Esparragal Park near Mijas golf.


Early June sees the annual Blues and Jazz festival with performances from international artists at various locations throughout Mijas.

Following hotly after the Blues and Jazz Festival in Mijas is the International Festival. This includes stalls selling traditional items and serving traditional dishes from countries as far away as South America as well as from Europe. There are normally several locations around Mijas village to enjoy live music as well.

At the end of June is the San Juan festival. Here people build fires on the beaches at La Cala de Mijas, eat drink, listen to music. Whole families spend the night on the beach and it is said that you should jump over the fire to cleanse your sins and then bathe your feet in the sea at midnight. This is a very popular event and the beaches are usually very crowded.


At the beginning of July is when the fair is held in Las Lagunas. There is the traditional floral offering to the Virgen of the Peace, the patron saint of Las Lagunas at the church of San Manuel. A parade takes place through the streets of Las Lagunas. The festivities include a funfair and at various locations including the theatre in Las Lagunas there will be musical entertainment throughout the celebration.

At the end of July the fair for La Cala de Mijas takes place. The celebrations start with a parade through the village with marching bands, majorettes and the Queen of the fair. The events include a children’s party, musical performances, flamenco etc…

Early September

The citizens of Mijas celebrate with a fair their Lady of La Virgen de la Pena, the patron Saint of Mijas. This five day event not only includes the procession but an extensive programme of music and festivities. Accompanied by a brass band the Queens of Mijas, Las Lagunas and La Cala walk through the main streets to the municipal marquee where a children’s party is held.

On September the 8th, the day of the patron saint a floral offering is made followed by a solemn procession of the image of the Virgen de La Pena from the parish church to the sanctuary.

During the five days you will have the chance to also see daily musical performances, horseman racing and other traditional events.


Verbena de Santa Teresa is celebrated towards the end of the second week of October in La Cala de Mijas. There will be typical food and dancing.


Christmas markets can be found set-up in La Cala de Mijas usually in the first two weeks of December.

This is a selection of the events and festivals Mijas provides each year. Other events will be staged throughout the year so check the What’s on section from time to time.