Churros is a popular breakfast in Spain, usually accompanied with a large cup of hot chocolate.

A type of dough is piped into hot oil until crispy on the outside. If they are not sweet enough then you can sprinkle them with sugar! You then break off a piece of the churros and dunk it into your cup of hot chocolate.

Churros in Fuengirola

There are various varieties of churros. Porras are the the thicker style of churros. Another popular type are thinner and the dough is squeezed through a star shaped nozzle. This gives them a distinctive shape and these are known as Tejeringos. There is now a franchise chain of restaurants of the same name.

Where to eat Churros in Fuengirola

If you want to try this typical Spanish breakfast then you will find many bars and cafeterias that prepare churros. You could walk to the very popular franchise Tejeringos next to the Supermarket Dia in Avenida Dinamarca, just three or four minutes from the apartment. They have another branch at the bottom of the Avenida de Mijas.

If you prefer the thicker porras type churros then set-off to Los Boliches for what I personally think are the best. There are two very well-known cafeterias in the Los Boliches part of Fuengirola, that sell this type.

Churros in Fuengirola

The Churreria Cafeteria Nuestra Señora Del Carmen is a very traditional style place. Half-tiled walls adorned with several framed and faded posters of Real Madrid victories over the years give the impression the place has seen better days. However, the place is usually very busy with people tucking into their sticks of churros or having a coffee and eating a pitufo (small bocadillo). Two tall men stand out among the staff, perhaps brothers and they work away behind the long stainless steel bar. As you sit and dip the churros into your chocolate you can watch them feed the dough into the oil and work the dough round in a circle tp produce the churros.

Churros in Fuengirola

The other place for great porras style churros is the Churreria Plaza Del Carmen. It is located to one side of the church square in Los Boliches, on the opposite side to the taxi rank. The original bar is very small with just a few seats inside and some table outside on the pavement. However, they also have the shop unit next door which much more seating. It looks a bit odd as they sit side by side but there is no access between the two. You have to walk outside of one unit to go into the other. However, there is a waiter ready to ensure service in either area.

Go to more than one if you can’t decide!

I personally prefer the old feel of the Churreria Cafeteria Nuestra Señora Del Carmen to the more modern recently painted Churreria Plaza Del Carmen. However, I find the chocolate in the latter, thicker and even nicer than the first. My wife prefers the chocolate in the opposite cafeteria to me. It is a personal choice and to arrive at that decision I suggest you should try more than one cafeteria.