Karting Fuengirola opened last August with a brand new circuit next to the Hipodrome Horse Racing Course.  It is about a 7 minute drive from from the Fuengirola castle past the Miramar shopping centre.  The circuit is designed to competition standards ensuring a thrilling racing experience for either people turning up and paying on the day or booking as a group beforehand.  A 975 metre circuit with a fast start finish straight and wide enough to ensure overtaking is possible should the person in front not take the best line through the curves.

Karting Fuengirola have a range of karts are available to ensure all the family can enjoy the race.  There are adult karts, junior and even two seater go karts.  The adult Kart is fitted with a 270cc motor capable of 45mph.  Junior karts available for youngsters between 10 and 14 years have a top speed of 30mph with fully adjustable seat and pedals controls to provide both comfort and safety.  The twin seater karts will also travel at up to 45mph.

The circuit is also floodlit allowing for evening and night time racing.

For more information about Karting Fuengirola visit their website in English here.