The annual fair in Mijas Pueblo is soon to commence and it includes an impressive line up of live musical entertainment.

On Thursday 7th of September in the Municipal Caseta El Arrebato will perform. The singer-songwriter from Sevilla, whose real name is Francisco Javier Labandón Pérez, began his musical career in 1985. He was part of a group called Piel Morena with two friends from his home town. After the group split up in 1988 he recorded his first solo album which became a great success in Spain. Since his debut album, he has released nine more including one of my favourites Mundología.


The concert starts at 23:30 and is free.

Danza Invisible will also be making an appearance during the celebrations. You can see this band on the 9th of September at 23:30, and also free, in the Municipal Caseta.

This Spanish rock group were famous in the 1980s and they are said to have been influenced by the likes of U2, The Police and Simple Minds.

Long before the X-Factor they won a rock band competition in Jerez de La Frontera, which enabled them to record their first single, “Mis Ojos hacia ti”.

Other bands playing at the event include Electroduende. A group Malageuño that covers famous Spanish rock/pop music. They will appear on the 7th September.

Grupo Tocata cover Spanish songs from the 80 and 90s and will play on the 8th September. Examples would be Feo, fuerte y formal, Soldadito Marinero and Groenlandia.

Grupo Stereo 80 are appearing on Saturday 9th September. ANother Malaga band that is a tribute band to the 80s playing music by Bon Jovi, The Police, U2, Queen, Van Halen, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and much more.