In Las Lagunas the food you will encounter will be Spanish. Therefore, if you want an English breakfast buy one in Fuengirola because you might get one in Las Lagunas but it won´t have baked beans and the sausages and bacon will not be what you expect. However, there are many tasty options available to you. It´s very traditional to have toast with olive oil and tomato pureed although you can also get toast, butter and marmalade in nearly every bar. A coffee and toast is likely to cost you less than three euros here. And the coffee is fantastic. If you don´t like your coffee strong then ask for a large coffee where they will add more water or milk. If you want a sweet breakfast then try a Churreria. This is a popular Spanish breakfast normally accompanied with a hot chocolate into which you dunk your churros. Churros is similar to a doughnut but comes in sticks.

To eat at lunchtime or for dinner there are many options available to you.

Las Niñas, Avenida Antonio Machado.

Leave the apartment and turn left. walk up the road to the end of the street. You will pass a football pitch and a park with a waterfall and at the end of the street is a tobacco shop on one side and a hospital on the other. There is also a roundabout. Turn right here and about 20 metres you will find Las Niñas. The owner Francisco produces some excellent sea food. I recommend the puntillitas (fried baby squid). If you are unsure what to have then ask. They speak some English. The food is excellent and like in the UK fish/seafood is more expensive so expect likelwise here. It is very popular. The Spanish like to eat about 10pm so if you fancy it then arrive earlier to get a seat. (map)

Bar Estefania / Cerveceria. Calle Federico Garcia Lorca.

Paco and his friend run this bar/restaurant. It used to be called Estefania and still is on google maps. However, the latest illuminated sign just tells you it is a Cerveceria with no name at all. Some people still refer to it as Estefania but we call it Bar Paco. It is very Spanish. It can get a bit noisy but the food is great and very good value. The fried boquerones are delicious. Turn left out of the apartment and walk past El Pollo de Oro until you get to a corner shop opposite the sports centre. There is a zebra crossing with an illuminated sign to warn the traffic. Turn left here and walk to the end of the road. it is about 260m from the apartment in all. There is a small seating area outside.

La CatedRal, Esq de Calle Dinamarca y Calle Cipres.

Salvio and his family have designed a lovely bar and restaurant on the corner of these two streets. They have a funcion room where they sometimes have live music, a magician or a pianist. I say funcion room but that makes it sound like a working mens club. In actual fact it is really nicely decorated. The bar and terrace are very popular so if you wonder by and like the look of it you might want to book. Facebook page.

Pizzeria Taqueria Marta’s, Calle de los Geranios.

Pizza and Mexican food available here at good prices. They have some staff that speak English and also offer a take-away service. A very popular restaurant so go early or book.  They’ve been trading since 1988 so they must be doing something right. (map)

Venta Morena, Camino del Coín

Situated near the Mijas golf course and a short drive from the apartment is Venta Morena. The restuarant is a little scruffy, noisy and busy but the food is good quality and good value. They offer fish and meat dishes and sometimes things from a barbecue.

Gamba Cristal, Avenida de Mijas

Actually in Fuengirola but only 5 or 6 minutes walk from the apartment. On your way into Fuengirola on the main Avenida de Mijas the restaurant is on the right hand side just after the roundabout below the N-340. Serving a lot of seafood dishes and fish with a mixture of Spanish and foreign clients. (Facebook page)

Casa El Abuelo

Another good bar and restaurant for Tapas is “Grandfather’s house” which can be located very near to Las Tablinas above.  They have an extensive range of tapas available at a good price.  It can be very popular at the main eating times in Spain so try to arrive slightly early or later to get a table.  Most Spaniards will eat at 2pm and 10pm.  Apart from tapas they also serve fish, meat dishes and pizzas. (website)

Bar Piripi, Avda de Mijas

This is a restaurant serving seafood, fish etc the same type of fare as can be found in the Freiduria La Caleta almost next door. It has been open longer than La caleta and is always popular. If one is busy try the other. The directions to get there are the same as those shown under the entry Freiduria La Caleta.

Freiduria La Caleta, Avda de Mijas

Seafood, fish and octupus dishes. It is situated on the Avenida de Mijas. Go out of the gate to the apartment and turn right. Walk to the end of the road where the Mercadona supermarket is. Turn left and walk a few hundred metres and it is on your left. It is painted white with a black sign.

El Pollo de Oro, Camino del Albero

Not actually a restaurant but a take-away chicken place. The chicken is cooked over hot coals and there are a number of sauces they can pour over your chicken if you want it. They also sell croquets and chips too. There are actually a number of outlets locally and it is very popular. Roast chicken is a Spanish favourite and they will be queuing out the door especially at weekends come two o’clock. (website) Turn left out of the gate of the apartment and walk along the street about 90m and it is on your left.

Cervecería Lucas, Avda Margarita

This bar serves both Spanish and Chinese food. It is very good value for money and the service is normally very efficient. There is plenty of seating outside although it is very popular. The owners are Chinese so I am pretty sure his real name isn’t Lucas. They have a chinese menu and Spanish food too. To get to this restaurant you need to turn left out of the apartment. Walk along to the end of the road where you will arrive at a roundabout. Turn left and keep walking down the road until you get to a cross roads with a bank on the corner. Cerverceria Lucas is on the opposite corner. It is a ten minute walk.

Kokoro Restaurante, Avda Antonio Machado, 10

An Asian restuarant which ius a ten minute walk from the apartment. Turn left when you come out of the gate and walk to the end of the road. At the roundabour turn right and walk to the next roundabout. Go straiught over and you will find the reaturant on the right after a large sports bar. The menu consists of rice and noodle dishes. (website)

Asador Otola, Cortijo La Herradura, Camino Viejo de Coin.

If you are a meat-eater then you will enjoy this restaurant. Run by a Basque gentleman you can see the slabs of meat in a glass display and a large barbecue area where they cook the meat to your taste. (website)

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